About Me

By Nkem Iloeje-Agu


Hello, Esteemed                       

I’m your host at Share To Learn…

My name is Nkem; a very enthusiastic and constantly-learning educator. And I’m all eager to share with you, all of the relevant experiences I gathered while serving in both the education and other sectors of our economy.

I have a natural passion for education, information and knowledge; and my hope is to help Nigerian schools better-understand and embrace the twenty-first century education concepts and approaches.

My early career started as a full-time legal practitioner, called to the Nigerian bar in 1995… (I guess that puts me in the category of “learned, as well… lol?).

From years of engaging law practice, I moved into the entrepreneurial and private sector, garnering invaluable experiences working for several years, respectively as a business development manager, copy-writer, brands activation and development director, head of legal services in a banking institution, editor and publisher, in a publishing outfit, publisher of ‘Nemdi, a proudly-Nigerian gloss magazine for women.

I am a published author of a number of books for children and young people (written in both the English and the Igbo languages). I’m also an experienced school proprietor, school administrator, and a devoted teacher at the early years and tertiary levels of education.

A fantastically proud mother of five, and a stubborn believer in the Self, I know there’s nothing I cannot achieve, once my heart is set on it. And my first and second encouragement to people with whom I’m privilege to meet, especially my students, are, “never say I can’t, until you’ve given it your uttermost best shot” and “never you ever stay down, where you’ve fallen; because, now, you’re re-equipped to start over again and do it even better!”

I invite you to join me at www.sharetolearneducators.com where we can refresh and re-energise one another with information and ideas, for the benefit of our learners.

Share to Learn is a town hall meeting for parents and all other providers of educational service; and I’ll be here to pilot our activities…




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