Author: Nkem Iloeje-Agu


Title: BEATRICE (Author: Nkem Iloeje-Agu)

When her little brother tragically disappeared without a trace, Beatrice, a beautiful and beloved young teenager, knew she had to quickly leave her home in the small village, in the East of Nigeria; but little did she know that, however one ran, the chicken will certainly always return home to roost.

A captivating story of young Beatrice, whose life took a dramatic turn of an intricate web of events, death, lies and deceit, woven from her village, through to the cultural shock of adapting to a new life in a great big suburban city.

Title: OH, POOR SCORPION! (Author: Nkem Iloeje-Agu)

Scorpion had not always been the way we now know him. He was once a very beautiful creature, much loved by the king and many others. Sadly, all that was soon to change…

Find out what happened, as told in this beautifully illustrated book for children and the young at heart.

Title: AKPI, NDO! (Author: Nkem Iloeje-Agu)

Na mgbe mbu, Akpi bu anu mara oke mma, nweekwa obi oma. Nke mere eze na otutu anu ndi ozo jiri hu ya n’anya nke ukwuu.

Guo akwukwo, ka i mara ihe mere onodu a jiri gbanwee.

Title: CUTTING LOOSE (Author: Nkem Iloeje-Agu)

Nnenna, an ambitious, world-wise beauty, was positive that Ugo, was the one for her.

Having successfully got rid of all apparent obstacles, she had no inkling that her fairy-tale wedding was only the first step into the kind of union she hadn’t quite bargained for.



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